Stick to appearance by spending a lot of care!

We manufacture dried-salted products mainly of atka mackerel, Souhachi flounder, boar fish and saury while wholesales other fresh fishes. Using raw materials from Hokkaido such as atka mackerel and Souhachi flounder caught off the coast of Rausu and Rebun island as well as of Otaru, respectively, our products have been sold at local mass retailers even as gift goods. Our dried-salted products are characterized in that fishes are washed not using salt water but in water after scattering salt manually one by one and finished into a soft texture with less drain of fat content. Atka mackerel, in particular, is finished into a product hard to deteriorate with excellent appearance by extracting the blood from the whole body including the backbone.

Company Profile

August 1998historyAugust 1998 Established Koichi Hori Shoten Co., Ltd