NS Nissai Co., Ltd. produces natural foods that don’t use any chemical seasoning and synthetic food additive.

Since the establishment in 1988, we have been producing healthy foods that don’t use any chemical additive, that are seasoned with condiments made from raw materials with no gene modification, and that use domestic ingredients only. Detergents used at the plant is an environmentally friendly “additive-free soap” made from waste oil. Our company makes various foods, such as Aramaki salmon matured in our salting method, Aramaki salmon with nostalgic taste made in a traditional “yamazuke” method, fish sauce that is a natural flavor enhancer, kobu-maki (kelp roll) made with ingredients produced in Hokkaido and boiled in our secret sauce, ichiyaboshi (fish salted and dried overnight), or smoked products, all of which are made from ingredients produced in Hokkaido. Fresh crabs and shrimps, which are put in liquid nitrogen gas at a temperature of minus 196 degrees centigrade for quick freezing, are delivered to customers while retaining the taste of the ingredients to the full. We take pride in keeping on making authentic tastiness by spending much time and care on our products, which are made from carefully selected local ingredients available in nearby waters.

■Mature Aramaki Salmon Sugatamodoshi
Made using a traditional yamazuke method
・Net content / A whole salmon(2.2~2.4kg)
・Preservation method / Keep Frozen
・Freshness date / 90 days after production

■Sardine boilded in oil
Ingredients are sardine from Hokkaido, which is softly boiled in olive oil and canola oil that are consumer products.

・Net content / 140g
・Preservation method / room temperature
・Freshness date / 90 days after production

■Mackerel smoked slice
Fatty chub mackerel from Hokkaido is pickled in salt, fish sauce made from Atka mackerel, and white wine, and is then gently smoked with chips of oak and cherry trees.

・Net content / 80g
・Preservation method / Keep Frozen
・Freshness date / 90 days after production

■Fish sauce (herring, Atka mackerel, sweet shrimp)
A natural flavor enhancer carefully matured in a fermenting room under complete hygienic control by using fresh ingredients available in the neighboring waters off Otaru.

・Net content / 120ml
・Preservation method / room temperature
・Freshness date / 180 days after production

■A set of bouillabaisse
This is a set of Pacific cods, raw salmons, red snow crabs, sweet shrimps, and scallops. Because a sauce for bouillabaisse comes with the product, you can enjoy the bouillabaisse, together with vegetables and others at home. Any of these is a premium ingredient.
720g (including a sauce)

・Net content / 720g
・Preservation method / Keep Frozen
・Freshness date / 90 days after production

■Matsumae-zuke (herring roe included)
A large volume of herring roe is seasoned in a secret sauce.

・Net content / 100g
・Preservation method / Keep Frozen
・Freshness date / 90 days after production

■A set of five kobu-maki
Autumn salmons, herrings, cod roes, scallops, and shishamo smelts are rolled with Hidaka kelp and are seasoned thoroughly with a secret sauce.
10 rolls in half size (80g each)

・Net content / 10 rolls in half size (80g each)
・Preservation method / room temperature
・Freshness date / 90 days after production

4th Otaru Fisheries Processing Grand Prix

Silver Award

■The taste of Hokkaido has been made into a soup.
This soup is inspired by the traditional Ainu dish “Ohau” (meaning “soup” in Ainu language). It is made to enjoy Hokkaido’s autumn taste, “Autumn Salmon”, in a gentle flavored broth of Hokkaido fish sauce. It is also made without additives or coloring, which is one of our specialties. We hope you will enjoy this soup “to eat” with large root vegetables and lavish use of Hokkaido’s autumn salmon, which brings out the best of blessings by the sea and the land.

■Example of cooking autumn salmon soup meals

Cooking example 1: Autumn salmon risotto

Cooking example 2: Japanese-style cream stew

Products handledSalmon, roe, shell, shrimp, crab, squid, saury, shishamo smelt, and kelp, etc.
history1988 Started the business in Shironai, Otaru City.

1989 Relocated to Chikkou, Otaru City.

1994 Relocated to Shinkou, Otaru City.

1995 Introduced a freezing machine (liquid nitrogen gas).

1996 Constructed a material storage and a refrigerator.

1998 Introduced a dryer machine

2001 Built a retort processing room.